Ladybug Kitty Nursery

Who are we?

Ladybug Kitty Nursery is an independent volunteer project and our aim is re-homing unwanted cats from Romania. The cats are coming here from all over the country, some of them are perfectly healthy, but some have special needs such as heart disease, cancer, blindness, amputated limbs, FIV+, neurological conditions, urinary incontinence due to traumatic injuries. Cats that suffered because of human cruelty, cats that were neglected and ended up being paralyzed, cats that were born on the streets or simply abandoned like trash on the side of the road. Eugenia’s mission is to provide them a temporary shelter and medical care until they will be adopted.

This is simply a volunteer project started by Eugenia and it’s not an organization and the location is Eugenia’s own private house located near Bucharest.Since Ladybug Kitty Nursery is an all volunteer project, we rely solely on your donations, which contribute towards veterinary care and other costs associated with caring for Ladybug Kitty Nursery rescued cats until their adoption. We happily accept any of the following items. If you cannot do that, you can donate money and we will make the purchases ourselves.

🐾 Cat dry food (only Royal Canin Sterilised 37 or Young Male) and cat wet food
🐾 Cat litter
🐾 Cat scratching posts
🐾 Cleaning supplies (laundry detergent, house disinfectants, paper towels, baby wipes) and medical supplies (baby rash cream, small syringes)
🐾 Baby disposable diapers and tons of pee-pee pads
🐾 Beds/pillows/blankets/heating pads to provide comfort and warmth
🐾 Monetary donations, wether large or small can also help pay for the vet bills

Because we foster many sick cats, we are unable to accept donations of used litter boxes, food and water dishes or expired food. We also feed our kitties only with one specific dry food brand and because they have stomach problems every time we change their diet, we can’t deviate from it. Please understand that it is for the health and safety of our cats.

We are so grateful for any help, donations or support and we thank you from our hearts!
Bank Account: RO79RZBR0000060017472357
Name: Petcu Florica Eugenia
Bank: Raiffeisen Bank; BIC code: RZBRROBU

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🐞 The story of how Ladybug Kitty Nursery started 🐞

It all started in 2014 as a result of Eugenia’s realization that there was no place for special needs cats to go after they were rescued. It happened after she saved a paralyzed cat that was attacked by a pack of dogs in front of her house. She had no money to go to the vet, she knew no caring vet and had no idea what to do next. So she asked for help and many people answered and that was the very beginning of this wonderful project. That cat’s name was Ladybug.

After she was adopted, many others followed as people found out about Eugenia and there were many cats that needed her help.
This small project is supported solely by donations and fundraisers.

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