Austin was brought to Ladybug Kitty Nursery on 24th April 2020, when he was only 2 days old. And he wasn’t alone, but together with his mama, his auntie and other five newborn kittens.
The two mama cats used to live near an apartment building in Bucharest. They gave birth to 7 kittens and they all lived in a cardboard box, near the building. Shortly after they were born, one of Austin’s siblings got attacked by a magpie bird. That’s when Eugenia was asked to help the little family. Sadly, the tiny baby died shortly after its arrival.
Austin’s mama cat was a feral kitty and after a while, she was put back in the territory, where some nice people are taking care of her.
In August 2020 Austin was also diagnosed with FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis). Luckily, he received the 84 days GS treatment and he is feeling great now.
Austin loves being around other kitties, but sadly he is cautious around people. Having a feral mama cat, all he learned was how to run and hide from people, thinking they will harm him.
Unfortunately, a foster home with so many cats isn’t the right place for a cat like Austin, who needs someone to wotk with him and gain his trust. We do believe that in a different environment he may gain more confidence in time.
Many of the cats living in a multi-cat households who appear to be shy are actually stressed by the environment. But some of them can be outgoing once settled into a home, all they need is time to feel comfortable.
Austin enjoys the presence of people, but he hates being handled. He tends to avoid human interaction and may keep his distance for a long time, even though he’s adjusted to living indoors with people. A shy cat does best in a quiet, calm home without young children, as she does not like loud noises, sudden movements, or new people.
That’s why these kitties don’t belong to a foster home, as everything makes them fearful and running to their hiding spots. Their foster mama has so many other souls in her care and can’t offer them what they need.
It is true that shy cats aren’t for everyone. They won’t develop an instant bonding with a new owner but goes best with people who give them time and just let them be. If you want to adopt a cat that really needs you, please consider a shy cat-like Austin! They are in desperate need of a second chance at a happy life…