Brenda came to Ladybug Kitty Nursery on 12th April 2021, as an emergency. She was just another tiny paralyzed kitten in desperate need of a foster home. Brenda was only 3 months old and had a spinal cord injury after being attacked by stray dogs. Because she had nobody to take care of her, she had sore wounds on her tiny body when she came here, but now she is well.
She also had one eye completely damaged and on 16th June she had surgery to have the eyelids sutured, in order to prevent future infections.
Brenda will very likely have ongoing mobility issues throughout her life and it is also extremely unlikely that she will regain complete control of his bladder or bowel functions. Because her paralysis has left her incontinent… She requires assistance at least 2 times a day in order to help her pee, which means manual expression to fully relieve her bladder (gently pressing on her bladder). This is something that is quite simple to do once experienced and only takes a few minutes each day.
Her life may seem limited, but it is not like you imagine. Brenda has no idea that she’s any different than the other cats and that’s why she is a happy and fun-loving little girl. She can run, climb the bed and play with other kitties.
Brenda is a bundle of sweetness and you can easily fall in love with her ❤ If you think you may be in a position to offer this sweetie her very own special forever home, then please contact us.