Mauro is the 10-day-old kitten that came here yesterday as an emergency.
Initially, it was thought that he was attacked by rats because he was missing a back paw, but after he got here Eugenia noticed no signs of wound or infection.
The vet confirmed that the kitten was born like this and it’s not a genetic deformity, but a developmental abnormality (a birth defect). It’s most likely the result of the umbilical cord being wrapped tightly around his leg.
He was found all alone, no mama cat and no littermates were around, so most probably he was abandoned because of his deformity.
It doesn’t seem to be causing him pain and we will see in time if it will be causing him sores. Most probably he will have permanent limping, and in case of developing any sores, he will have his leg amputated. But Mauro can expect to live a perfectly normal life, with only minor limits to his mobility.
Eugenia is feeding him with a syringe because he doesn’t accept the bottle. She also tried to make Piccolino’s mama nurse him, but she doesn’t accept him. So now he’s with the famous ladybug adoptive mama, the giant stuffed monkey.